June 17, 2023

Using Sounds to Calm your Mind

Athena Ko

In this episode, my guest Athena Ko, aka The Gong Girl and London’s leading Gong Master, shares her secrets.

From creating a happy and well-balanced life using meditation to using sound as a therapeutic tool to disconnect from discursive thinking and delve into a transcendental state to calm your mind.

Athena and I talk about how you can use meditational practices to help you move on from depression and pain and how I myself have used meditation to heal from a painful experience. Athena also shares her expertise on how powerful your thoughts can be. Working in hospitals with mental health patients, Athena has spent many years teaching patients breathwork and how to meditate.

Join us as we delve into the depths of the mind and how positive thinking can have such an impact on our mind, body, and health.

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I wish you a wonderful, stress-free day!

Yalda Alaoui


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