January 11, 2022

Yalda Comments: Food Safety

The Sniff Test Operates on Common Sense

I was interviewed by Metro for my thoughts on food sell-by dates, following on from Morrisson’s announcement that it was going to remove the ‘use by’ dates from milk packaging and bottles.

Don’t Consume Foods That Smell Off – Of Course!

This is all with a bid to stop so much waste of perfectly safe and healthy milk being poured away. The UK supermarket have been telling their customers to do a ‘sniff test’ and see if it smells off. If it smells off, don’t drink it, of course.

‘The sniff test is a practice that will work with a variety of food (apart from meat, of course) in your kitchen and mainly operates with common sense’

Click here to read the article about food safety.

There are other things to consider when deciding which milk to buy on a healthy gut diet. You can find more details from my research about dairy on the diet program that doctors recommend.

Top Tip: Take advantage of the marked down fruit section (expiring sell-by dates) while it still exists. Make yourself a smoothie to pick you up. This healing skin smoothie is great if you have skin inflammation of any kind.


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