June 07, 2023

J.P. Morgan: Women In INTRApreneurship

J.P. Morgan’s Health Panel Event

As part of J.P. Morgan’s EMEA (Middle East and Africa) Payments Women’s Network Takeover Week.

Empowerment, Ownership, and Self-development

WHEN: 13th June, 2023

12.30-1.30 pm GMT.

Join Yalda Alaoui – Founder and CEO of Eat Burn Sleep & Eshita Kabra-Davies – Founder and CEO of ByRotation, to hear their unique entrepreneurial journeys from the world of banking to fashion and nutrition, respectively.

They talk about their challenges, successes, and learnings along the way. As well as the crossover of skillsets between the banking and entrepreneurial worlds, with the underlying theme of resilience and perseverance.







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