March 30, 2022

My Interview on Men’s Radio Station

Raising Optimal Health Awareness on The Daily Show

It was so much fun appearing on The Daily Show on Men’s Radio Station – with Russ Kane and Chantal Rickards OBE.

I was so grateful to join the radio program to raise awareness of how my anti-inflammatory method can help people live a life with optimum health.

It was good to highlight also that the anti-inflammatory program helps conditions that are surprising to many, like depression and psoriasis (since it is not as well known as it should be, of course).

You see, all conditions that you cannot catch, are linked to chronic inflammation.

Here is the anti-inflammatory and optimum nutrition interview. It is worth a watch, since Russ and Chantal so kindly said that they had learned things that they hadn’t heard before. (Also, we have some great laughs!).

I am including some snippets from the radio interview about optimum health, for those that are not able to listen at this moment:

Healing my Autoimmune Diseases

Is Depression Really Linked to Inflammation?

Can you Take an Anti-inflammatory Drug for Depression?

Why Haven’t We Heard of Depression Being Linked to Inflammation Before?

What Lifestyle Should People Adopt for Optimal Health?

What’s a Good Non-inflammatory Lunch?

Producing Neurotransmitters Makes You Feel Happier

Q&A about Optimum Health

What Do I Think about Mercury Fillings?

What Do I Think About Marine Collagen Supplements?

Why Do People Have Allergies Now?

How Can We Have Better Sleep?

Hacks to Improve Sleep

Should You Give up Alcohol Entirely?

Are Fermented Foods Good for the Gut?

What About Alcohol to Help you Sleep?

Healing my Autoimmune Diseases

After introducing myself and sharing my health journey: developing autoimmune diseases after my children were born. Firstly, after my eldest was born, it was ulcerative colitis. Then, two years after my youngest was born, I developed a rare blood autoimmune condition called autoimmune hemolytic anemia (where your body destroys your own red blood cells).

Then, I became resistant to medication.

Like for many people: medication does not always work.

Medication can keep you alive but not always make you well.

There was a point where I was scared for my life. I was being kept alive with blood transfusions and I was looking at my two lovely boys – and I knew that I needed to find a way forward.

The doctors were very good and doing their best but at the end of the day, I thought,

‘It’s their job and it’s my life! I only have one. So, I am going to fix it!’

So, I spent years researching and understanding that my diseases came from chronic inflammation – which is basically the cause of any disease that you cannot catch.

Like cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, endometriosis and depression – all of these diseases have a link to chronic inflammation.

During the pandemic, we realised that when you have underlying inflammation, with diseases that you can catch (viruses), they are more dangerous because you have an impaired immune function.

The body is fighting itself.

Is Depression Really Linked to Inflammation?

Depression is an inflammatory disease. When post-mortems have been carried out on people that have died that had depression, it shows that they had much more elevated inflammation markers in the brain (which is called neuroinflammation).

So what happens is, if you carry a gene for autoimmunity or depression or if you have any inflammation running through your body, depression switches on when so many factors contribute, because you have the gene.

The problem with this is that people with depression who have been given anti-depressants, they find that after 18 months of medication, they report feeling no better than at the start of their journey.

The reason for this is when you have inflammation and neuro-inflammation in the case of depression, you can develop medication resistance.

Can You Take an Anti-inflammatory Drug for Depression?

Unfortunately, an Ibuprofen or similar won’t do the trick. It would work momentarily but it doesn’t switch off the pathways. The way to do that is to adopt the right anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

So, through my healing journey and putting my autoimmune diseases into remission, I developed this anti-inflammatory lifestyle method that has healed me and thousands around the world.

I retrained (from being an Investment Banker) and qualified as a Naturopathic Nutritionist in London, after three years, with a foundation in Biochemistry.

I continually deepen my research for each condition. Depression being one of my keen interests. In fact, when I was in nutrition school, I wrote a 29-page paper on the causes of depression.

So many studies link depression to chronic inflammation.

Why Haven’t We Heard of Depression Being Linked to Inflammation Before?

It takes time. Studies came out and inflammation markers are noted but it doesn’t mean that people have the solution to lower depression.

Until someone comes out with a solution, like I have with my Eat Burn Sleep platform, then awareness happens.

Depression is lifted by being on the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle program and there are so many testimonials to prove it, along with so many other conditions (click the dropdown on All Categories in Testimonials).

Then members tell their success stories, like Christen Kinard did in the Daily Express. She suffered 20 years with depression and followed the lifestyle and it has gone. She has also lost over 4 stone.

Inflammation also causes obesity!

What Lifestyle Should People Adopt for Optimal Health?

Well, I developed the optimum health lifestyle for me of course, initially and it needed to fit well in my life. I just wanted my life back and I am not very patient.

I didn’t want it to be boring and I didn’t want to cut out booze.

I am only talking 2-3 glasses. I drink in moderation and I don’t do anything in extremes.

Always in moderation.

There may be other methods that reduce inflammation that work – but I will tell you about my method that is successful in reducing inflammation naturally, and it is all about bringing control over the low hanging fruits.

There are many factors that we cannot control around us, that might contribute to inflammation.

Like the quality of water or air surrounding us, or we could be getting a transdermal absorption of chemicals from the chairs we are sitting on, which are triggering an immune response that increases inflammation.

So I looked at what we can control. We can control food. We can control what we are thinking through wellness assistance. We can control about the way we move.

It is very much about using an 80/20 approach. So, for instance, if you are at your desk, stick with non-inflammatory foods.

When you go out with your family and friends for a meal, use my traffic light food and meal plan for good gut health.

The anti-inflammatory plan contains a treat system guideline.

My method also includes food lists. There are times when it will be 70/30 but you can come back to it. You can always come back to the 80/20 method.

That is what makes the program such a joyful one to follow because it is all planned for you, with the option to deviate from the plan and then jump back on it again. (No guilt and no feelings of failure!).

All the while, through the carefully devised recipes that contain the essential compounds to reduce inflammation, they will also be making you feel physically and mentally happier. There’s a proven science in it!

What’s a Good Non-inflammatory Lunch?

Well, let’s say that you are in London and you go out to get lunch from Marks and Spencers. You get a roll, a bag of crisp and a drink of water and then maybe a latte. My suggestion would be to scrap that. Save wheat and milk for other occasions. Grab a nicoise salad. There will be so many micronutrients in that salad.

These days, we are overfed but undernourished

We get a lot of micronutrients, carbohydrates, fats and protein but we are not getting the vitamins and minerals that are essential for the functioning of our bodies and brain.

When we are nourished, we are less hungry.

The body knows. If you have the right vitamins and minerals, you are full. If you go for crisps, a latte and a dairy-based pudding, you are probably having things that you have had too much of.

We can have bigger bodies but be starving on the inside.

I will give you an example. In the old days in England, people had a full English breakfast which was protein and vegetables and a cup of tea with a splash of milk. Then all these cafes open all over the place and people grab a latte and a chocolate croissant.

They are suddenly having a pint of milk and all this wheat for breakfast. At lunch they have a sandwich. In the evening, they go to Pizza Express and maybe have a side of doughballs.

Wheat has three times as much gluten these days. It is the way that we select the crops. Modification. It is yummier when it is elastic and chewier but it literally sticks to your insides.

Russ declared that he had peanut butter on a banana and 3 espressos. You know that coffee is good for you. I did a post on the benefits of coffee on my Instagram account.

Coffee is good for you. 8% of the population are intolerant of coffee. They cannot process it but for most people coffee gives them focus and burns fat. It is full of antioxidants.

But 3 espressos? Maybe too much!

(Russ mentioned earlier that he stood at his desk rather than sat and his back was so much better and that he doesn’t snack!).

It’s good that he stands and doesn’t snack. All of his core muscles are being activated.

I ask about his digestion because the vegas nerve links the spine to the gastrointestinal tract.

So oftentimes, if you have back pain you will have digestive problems and vice versa, you will have digestive issues if you have back pain.

So it is important to have a strong core to have a good digestion.

70 per cent of your immune cells sit in your digestive system.

So, for strong immunity and low inflammation, it is very important to have good gut health.

Chantal stated that she had waited to hear about the link across the piece and this was it!

Producing Neurotransmitters Makes you Feel Happier

Chantal also mentioned about commissioning a television series about twenty years ago, where ten British people were taken on 3 different trips over 3 years to a place where they created a holistic living centre, and a lot of it was frame-worked by a nutritionist. They saw remarkable differences.

“Even with psoriasis, IBS and sleeping, which actually helped people with their mental clarity and the ability to feel happier with life.” She stated.

“So I wondered whether it is the resolution of a physical problem that makes you feel better and less sad and depressed, or whether it is an actual physical reaction in terms of reducing the levels of inflammation in the system that makes you feel better?”.

I loved that Chantal brought this up. IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and Psoriasis are linked to inflammation and members have had amazing results in alleviating all of these on the Eat Burn Sleep platform. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease.

Also, when you have one autoimmune disease, you can have a collection of them. I know many people that have multiple autoimmune diseases.

Once you have one autoimmune disease, the pathways are open. Most of these people generally have digestive issues, too. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a sign that you might have chronic inflammation.

When our Digestive System is Impaired – We are Not Producing Neurotransmitters

To answer Chantal’s question: the link goes both ways. We produce 60% of neurotransmitters in the gut. Serotonin – the happy hormone, melatonin – the sleep hormone, GABA – the reward hormone, and dopamine (pleasure and motivation).

All of these are produced in the gut. When our digestive system is impaired and we are not eating good food, we are not producing these neurotransmitters.

As a result, we are not feeling as good in our mind. There is a strong link between the brain and the gut. So, more studies show us that gratitude and prayer instantly improves our gut bacteria. So, the brain gut connection goes both ways.

For example, you may visit the bathroom before an exam or your stomach churns with nerves. That is how strongly the tummy and the brain are linked.

80% of children’s neurotransmitters are produced in the gut and children express stress through their digestion, even more than adults.

Anxiety in children is often shown through digestion. I had a friend whose child was vomiting in the night. It wasn’t food intolerance because I know the child well and they were eating different things.

If it was a food intolerance with different foods being eaten, it wouldn’t be projectile vomiting every night.

So, I advised to rule out anything sinister first and visit the doctor. It turned out that it was stress-related and after some adjustments at school, that child stopped vomiting in the night.

Q&A about Optimum Health

Listeners sent messages with questions about the anti-inflammatory lifestyle and other important health issues:

What Do I Think about Mercury Fillings?

They really need to be removed from your teeth, if possible. Mercury, lead and heavy metals can bring heavy metal toxicity into your system that can bring depression and low energy.

What is also important is to have foods that bind to the molecules like seaweed, parsley and coriander (there are many foods with chelating properties).

When you eat a varied diet with lots of vegetables, it isn’t about being low fat and less sweet, it is the benefit in the body of these vitamins and minerals and getting rid of toxicity.

My Eat Burn Sleep method is very much about nourishing and not depriving.

What Do I Think About Marine Collagen Supplements?

A lot of people, because of the diets that we have these days, tend to lose the mucus layer along the gastrointestinal tract: gut health is poor and the mucus layer has gone.

Then, what happens is that little particles get through the gut lining and go into the system.

Then, there is an immune response from the system and that is why some people think that they are intolerant to some foods because they react and then it shows on an intolerance test. The problem is not the food, it is the fact that the lining has become porous.

And one of the way of strengthening the gut lining is to take collagen. It is a packed with glutamine, which is an amino acid which helps the healing of soft tissues, as well as the gut lining.

I use grass-fed beef collagen powder. Sometimes if I overindulge, I mix it in some juice or soups.

You have to remember to drink lots of water because you know how collagen in the skin makes it plump because it draws on water? Well, just remember to drink lots of water while taking collagen.

You may be interested in my article about how collagen compliments my anti-inflammatory lifestyle method.

Why Do People Have Allergies Now?

Russ mentioned that when he was growing up, nobody had allergies and suddenly now, everyone has allergies.

How come we survived thousands of years without allergies before now?

I had the same question myself and Russ is 100% right. We are not a generation of hypochondriacs. I often pondered why my grandparents were able to eat everything and why I couldn’t, and here is the explanation:

100 years ago, refrigeration happened. When that happened, we stopped doing preserves. There was less bacteria in the kitchen. All the preserves in jars were full of bacteria that were good for our guts.

As our world has become cleaner, our gut diversity has become poorer. On top of that, processed foods are packed with preservatives.

Preservatives wipe out and kill bacteria. If you eat McDonalds, not only are you getting few, poor micronutrients, you are wiping out good bacteria because of all the chemicals in it. That has made us weaker to so many foods.

The food has also changed around us. That is another debate.

Interesting that Chantal mentioned that her Father was a Pathologist and as children, they were told never to wash their hands.

They were told completely the opposite and that they should be getting dirty while they were out in the garden; that they should be picking up food and eating stuff that wasn’t overly processed – and that bacteria is good for all of us.

Which reinforces what we were talking about.

I mentioned that I do the same. If my children drop food on the floor, I say, “Unless we are on the streets of India or Morocco, you are eating it!”.

How Can We Have Better Sleep?

It is super important to have good sleep. 100 years ago, up to the invention of the lightbulb, we slept on average of 9 hours. Now, we sleep less, about 8 hours.

With less sleep, there are more chances of dementia and higher chances of many diseases.

All of our cells renew during sleep. During sleep our hunger hormones, ghrelin and leptin are regulated.

I don’t know whether you notice but the days when you sleep less, you have a bigger appetite. When we sleep less, we also have less stable sugar levels and more chance of cravings, so more chance of diabetes.

We also have less HGH (Human Growth Hormone – for staying young and losing fat).

Hacks to Improve Sleep:

Stay away from screens an hour before bed. The blue light disrupts the circadian rhythm.

It is important to set your circadian rhythm. This is what regulates sleep. A few things to help set it, is eat your meals at the same time every day and go to bed at the same time every day.

When we wake up, our cortisol levels go up. This is the good cortisol that springs us in to action.

To help that cortisol to be released early in the morning and to stop you being up at night, get twenty minutes of light in your eyes in the first hour of waking.

It sends a signal to your body that it is daytime and twelve hours later, your body will know that it is night-time and you will fall asleep better.

Should You Give up Alcohol Entirely?

On my anti-inflammatory method, there is a treat system but I am trying to convey to my subscribers that they are not ‘treats’. I want them to enjoy them.

The reason why I allow them, is that social interaction is the number one factor for longevity.

There’s a study where the world’s healthiest people live and it is called ‘The Blue Zones’, which has been conducted over decades, and it shows that in all these pockets of longevity all over the world (Japan, Sardinia, Greece, Costa Rica and California).

The older people all have different diets but the one thing that they had in common was social interaction.

So in answer to this, if going tea-total meant no social interactions, then that is not good. I would much rather people had alcohol in moderation.

Also, wine has antioxidants and can help with circulation.

It is all about moderation and my method is teaching people that, with a clear roadmap of how to do it – and with science backing everything that I put forward.

Are Fermented Foods Good for the Gut?

With everything, it is about the small print. It is good when it is raw but not when there is sugar. All the time, in the supermarket, looks at the small print. It is even worse in the US.

For example, supermarket bread: there are not many benefits. Sourdough bread – there are health benefits. It is not that can’t have wheat because you can have wheat. It is about checking what is in the small print. It is important that people educate themselves.

You cannot outsource health.

Your doctor can’t cook your food for you or sleep for you. Your nutritionist can’t pick the foods for you.

You have to become astute. My platform will help educate people in making some really important nutrition and life choices.

What About Alcohol to Help you Sleep?

When people have an evening drink, they can fall asleep but they have more chances of waking up in the middle of the night. Alcohol impairs good quality sleep.

It would be good to get out of this habit. If I am going to drink, I finish long before bed and drink lots of water before I go to bed so that it doesn’t disrupt my sleep.

We all need at least 9 hours of sleep. Make sure that you make the time.

Members have found that my Evening Bath Meditation ritual has helped them get into a really good pattern of sleeping and resting well, which is enhancing their digestion – which will also aid in a good sleep.

Of course, for optimum health, they have to be the right anti-inflammatory foods! Just to be clear!

I hope that you enjoy the interview, too.

By the way, you may be interested in watching the chronic inflammation and optimum health videos I have created (under Explore on this platform).


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