April 19, 2022

Yalda Comments: Male Infertility + Chronic Inflammation

Male Infertility is Linked to Chronic Inflammation

I was asked to share my views on the benefits of fish oil for men for Fit & Well.

Male Infertility is treated successfully on the Eat Burn Sleep program, so I was pleased to share that omega 3 reduces inflammation.

You can read the article about the benefits of fish oils for men here:


Please note: if you are having fertility challenges, check out the testimonials from members* that follow the Eat Burn Sleep program – and were successful starting (or adding to) their family – after many years of trying, with or without IVF. 

Members can check out this specialized section on fertility.

Lowering inflammation and keeping inflammation down through the right anti-inflammatory lifestyle method will help your fertility and your baby when it arrives.

It’s always absolutely wonderful and beyond joyous to hear about babies being born due to this anti-inflammatory lifestyle, as you can imagine! 

*Under the Categories drop down window, select Fertility and Pregnancy. (It brings tears to my eyes!).


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