• How to prevent cold sores and mouth ulcers naturally

    Cold sores and mouth ulcers are a real pain… They always happen at the most inappropriate time and it feels so unfair that some people just never get them! They are caused by the

  • The Healing Diaries: Earthing

    Have you noticed how amazing you feel after swimming in the sea? Or after spending a couple of hours gardening? This is due to a very real phenomenon called EARTHING. I started looking

  • Travel essentials: Healthy Snacks & Recovery Tips

    Many people have requested that I share travel health hacks and healthy snacks to take on the airplane/train/car. As a former capital markets professional, I used to travel a lot for work. Over


    I sometimes curse being born a woman. No two days of the month are the same for us! We have ups, we have downs, we have days where we could conquer the world

  • Debunking myths: CARBS

    We hear a lot of conflicting information about nutrition. Some people are advocates of vegan diets, others of low carbs diet, paleo diet, ketogenic diet etc. It can be overwhelming and when we

  • Debunking myths: DAIRY

    Today, I am talking about a topic which is quite controversial, and on which we hear so many contradictory opinions. DAIRY. Is it bad for you? Are humans meant to drink cow’s milk?

  • How do I eat and why?

    Many people have requested that I do a post explaining the diet I follow and why I eat this way. My Story As some of you may know, I suffer(ed) from 2 autoimmune

  • THE HORMONE DIARIES: Improving Thyroid Function

    Many people experience issues with their thyroid, the gland which controls metabolism (conversion of oxygen and calories to energy). The thyroid converts iodine from food into thyroid hormones, T3 and T4. T3 and T4 are

  • The best kept secret for health and youth

    I have studied health and nutrition for 10 years to find a solution for a couple of “incurable” auto-immune conditions I was suffering from. My primary focus was to get healthier in order

  • Eating Out

    The way we live our lives now has dramatically changed to how we grew up. Indeed, eating out is part of daily life and a necessity. This includes lunch at work, business or

  • All you need to know about Omega-3s

    You have probably heard about Omega-3s, about the importance of good fats for our health. But really, how important is it? Sometimes, I think of my grandparents who lived in Fez, Morocco and

  • Sleep

    Has it ever happened to you to eat right, exercise well and yet not see any results? Have you ever linked this to sleep deprivation? Sleeping can actually be your best weapon when



7 Day Plan: Getting Back on Track